The Fast & Furious Baby Quilt

When you deliver two quilts to a friend/customer and tell her you bought some gorgeous “boy” kind of fabrics in Tassie, and she says “Oh good!  I have a new nephew as of last night!”, you promptly get to work on requested baby quilt.  I had already put thought in to the kind of design I wanted to  use these specific fabrics in, so I got to work straight away!


I started with the measurements I found for a “Plus quilt” HERE, then worked out the size I wanted as I went.  Drew myself a little diagram:


Now, we all know I suck at Maths!  This was my initial drawing, but I had to add some width and length to get it up to a decent size.  The finished quilt ended up being 35″ x 46″, which is a lovely size for a baby.  As you can see in the diagram, the design is made up of three different sized cut pieces.  So it was really easy to add to.


The quilt top was super quick and easy to sew up.  I literally began five days ago, and looky here – a finish!


I ADORE the contrast between all the prints.  It’s a diving sea of greens, blues and greys.  And that geometric white print gives it the POP it needs!


I went with a very simple meandering free motion quilts pattern to tie it all together.  I used a gorgeous teal/blue Aurifil #4644, from November’s #aussieaurifilclub bundle, “Cloudy Day”, which you can find HERE.


Isn’t it luscious?  So, there you have it – a quilt from start to finish in five days!  Unheard of around here lately 😉

** Disclaimer – Excuse the crappy photos – Crappy weather means crappy lighting!

4 Responses to The Fast & Furious Baby Quilt

  1. Jenny says:

    Ooo – lovely baby quilt! Those fabrics work perfectly with the plus pattern – are they from a particular range? I’ve got a new nephew on the way that I need to make a quilt for – I’d love to get hold of some of those prints!

    • Ms Midge says:

      They’re not all from the same range, only a few are. I can’t remember which range!!! I got them from Frangipani Fabrics, so they may be able to help – sorry! xx

  2. Jane Thomas says:

    Love that quilt. I am thinking about making one using that pattern for a great granddaughter who saw my cathedral window quilt I am working on and wanted it. Hate to say no, but I did and told her I would make one using her favorite colors of pink, purple, and green. I have started cutting out the little squares already.

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