Friends – A Tale Of Two Cushions

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If you’ve been reading along this past twelve months, you’d know that I’ve been on the 40th birthday bandwagon, and every BFF gets a quilt!  I feel like Oprah at times – YOU get a quilt! YOU get a quilt…..and YOU GET A QUILT!!!!  Well, I’m nearly at the end of said bandwagon.  For now.  But the last of my BFF’s has her 40th birthday tomorrow.  And because she got a quilt last year – just because – she’s getting something different.  No surprises here – it’s a cushion!


Yeh, yeh….. I know I’m a cushion freak, and that’s ok.  I’m at peace with my addiction.  But I DO try to change it up a little, and this time round, instead of just winging it with my free motion quilted words, I tried printing out the word I wanted, in the size I needed – and then traced it on to the fabric with a Frixion pen.  Easy.  Then quilted over it.  Even easier!


I used the fabulous Gold Aurifil #2140 that Gemma chose to include in her “Capital Colours” #aussieaurifilclub bundle this month.  And I’m totally in love with it!



The shine is amazing!  And of course, because it’s a printed font, it’s pretty much perfect!  I decided to make the most important part – Friends – pop, by quilting some swirls and pebbles around it.  And a little bit of a fabric review here…… I bought some Emma Louise white cotton from GJ’s last time I was there (because there is a Kona drought here in Australia) and I have to say – It’s bloody beautiful!!!!  Do yourself a favour…..

The second cushion is another gift, but this time, for my youngest daughter’s best friend…..

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Although it is a much simpler design – good old 5″ charm squares to the rescue again – I used the same printed font theory for her name.  And it worked beautifully again.

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I did colour in the font a little on this one – which gives a great effect too.

So – the tale of two cushions.  Both for great friends,  and both pack a punch.  But pretty different designs.  Siara’s cushion took me ONE WHOLE HOUR.  Correct.  From start to finish.  The first cushion, just a little longer 😉

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8 Responses to Friends – A Tale Of Two Cushions

  1. Becky says:

    Both cushions are gorgeous. You did a lovely job!

  2. Lisa C in Dallas says:

    You said it was easy but quilting over the words doesn’t look easy to me. What a great idea and two fabulous gifts.

  3. Emma says:

    Gorgeous – love the font you used!
    I can second how lovely the Emma Louise fabric is to use – I too bought some from GJ’s as an alternative when they were out of Kona last year, and loved it.

  4. Wow! These are both SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m going to have to try your idea of printing and tracing a favorite font. Thank you for sharing!

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