Honey Honey Framed

First of all – HELLO to all the new peeps on board!  I truly have read each and everyone’s comments on my Blog HOp with Giveaways post!  The blog hop has finished now, and I will announce a winner tomorrow, so be sure to check back in!  And now, on to more important business………

I finished!  This project has been one I ended up procrastinating about.  That does not happen often around here….  BUT – I quilted the first half a couple of weeks ago, and it KILLED my body.  So I really had to rev myself up yesterday to get it finished.  And I now need a massage…..  However, it was well worth it…..

 Honey Honey Framed
I sewed the binding on this morning, using six of the leftover jelly roll strips, and then traipsed down to the local park with camera and quilt in hand.  I took lots of photos like the one above, but there was a lovely little breeze happening, so there was no way I would be getting a full view of it.
Cue the crazy quilt lady……  I walked over to a few ladies and their children, who were minding their own business, and asked if one of them would mind holding my quilt up for me whilst I took photos?
Honey Honey Frames
One of them agreed!  So yes, I’ve become THAT lady.  Hahaha……  I didn’t have it in me to direct her how to hold the quilt though.  Thought I best just be happy with what I was given……
Honey Honey Frames
And the beautiful back.  This delightful Honey Honey jelly roll went such a long way.  Not only did I get all the framed blocks on the front and the scrappy binding, I also was able to do a lovely pieced back.  I love the blue spot fabric – it just shines!
Honey Honey Frames
For the quilting, I used a beautiful baby pink Aurifil #2410.  I took a while to decide on this, but I wanted the quilting to be quite visual, and I think it worked.
Honey Honey Frames
I also took a while to decide on the quilting pattern.  I actually attempted three different patterns before once again, just letting things happen.  After unpicking the first three attempts, I really looked at the fabric.  One of the prints in this range has quite a definitive pattern to it (and of course I didn’t take a photo of said print!), so I sort of started with the arches and it then turned in to what I like to call “organic baptist fans”.  Basically because my fans/arches are not perfect nor planned.  Nor are they all uniform in their size and shape!  But hey, I like them!
Once I’d finished all the free motion, I thought the sashing needed some straight lines.  So they got the treatment too.  All in all, a very pretty quilt, that hopefully the recipients will love when they are gifted it.
The Stats – Measures 58″ x 64″- A great throw/lap size
Fabric – Honey Honey by Kate Spain Jelly Roll; green and white homespun; blue spot from Spotlight
Thread – Aurifil pink #2410
Quilting – Free motion & straight line by Me on my domestic Bernina 430
Sooooo, another present ticked off my imaginary Christmas gift list!
Now, whilst I have your attention AND we are talking about Christmas – remember I’m hosting a fabulous Cushion For Christmas Blog Hop!  You can read all the details HERE – it starts on the 1st of December – not far away at all!  I would love you all to join in!  Prizes people – PRIZES!!!
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