Indigenous Fire Star Mini

Remember these?


My little purchase of Aboriginal prints, wayyyyyy back in August, from my LQS has been used and abused!  And after deciding on THIS paper pieced pattern by Sew What Sherlock, my stepping outside my comfort zone paid off…..


Isn’t she beautiful?  When the Melbourne MQG was contacted by the Edinburgh MQG in Scotland, to see if we wanted to do a swap, I popped my hand up immediately!  My swap partner (Sheila) and I started an email conversation about what we liked and disliked, and before too long I had an idea of what I wanted to make.  I’d had this pattern downloaded for a lonnnnnng time, so now was the time to bring it out!  I reduced the pattern to 75%, bringing it from 24″ down to 18″.  Which was a more suitable size for this mini.


Once I had purchased the fabric, I realised how fussy cut friendly the main print was.  And I am so pleased with the end result!  I was really worried by the orange print, thinking it may be a bit “murky”, but once it was paired with the blue and black, I think it just takes on a life of its own?


My favourite part about this mini is the amount of movement the prints have given it.  The prints add interest and the circular quilting (although not perfect) adds to the project beautifully.  I used a 40wt #2600 Dove Aurifil thread to quilt, because I wanted the thread to blend rather than shout!

Sheila has received this beauty now, and hopefully loves it…….as much as I love what she sent me…..


It’s the most beautiful explosion of Liberty ever seen!  I absolutely adore it, and am in awe of all the teensy little pieces of fabric.  This little beauty rounds out my sewing room’s walls of minis.  I literally do not have any room left now!  Check out Sheila’s blog post HERE.

12 Responses to Indigenous Fire Star Mini

  1. Alison Fanthorpe says:

    That’s soooo beautiful!

  2. Lynda H says:

    you have done your fabrics proud – isn’t it wonderful when a project comes together and the finished piece is just how you wanted it to be….good job

  3. Nicole says:

    It’s hard to say which one is more awesome; I think you both win!

  4. Sheila Williams says:

    I absolutely adore this, it has pride of place in my sewing room. I can see it right now. Utterly fabulous xx

  5. Kathleen says:

    Wow, a lot of work went into each of these, I can tell. Just beautiful.

  6. I love these so much! I’ve had some Aboriginal print fabric lying around for years – originally purchased and used to make gift pouches for Ben’s workmates when we moved here. This is such great inspiration on how to use them up!!

    And wow, what an incredible gift you got back!

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