June #aussieaurifilclub – Purple Reign

If you follow me on social media, you would know I was heartbroken by the recent passing of Prince.  His songs are like a soundtrack to my youth, and I have been a massive fan of his since I first overheard his music being played by my older sister and her best friend on their tape deck, way back in the 80’s!  For decades, I have had his music on my walkman, discman, and now my iPod, and have walked, run and danced my way through his albums.

This month’s #aussieaurifilclub colours were chosen by myself, as a bit of a tribute to the man himself.  I’ve named it “Purple Reign”, because in my eyes, he was not only a Prince, but the King of music.  I really hope you like it!


Royalty needs silver and gold, so I’ve thrown them in with a divine purple hue, as well as a beautiful variegated purple thread.


Shipping next week!  And in the online store soon!  As always, you can sign up to the monthly thread subscription HERE.

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