Koi Crossing

The best thing – actually, possibly the only thing – about having a bunch of WIPs in your sewing room, is when you need a quilt to gift, and don’t have heaps of time to start from scratch.  A couple of weeks ago, I pulled my Koi Crossing top out of my pile and gave it basting treatment.  It then sat on the back of the lounge for a couple weeks longer, before I quilted and bound it last week!


This was one of those “have to make” quilts, and was actually made a couple of years ago I think?  I had my much beloved bundle of Koi by Rashida on my shelf, when I decided it HAD to be chopped up, and HAD to be in a cross quilt.  And getting this baby out was what inspired me to make last week’s cross quilt!


I absolutely adore the colours and patterns, and am hoping they appeal to the soon to be recipient – my husband’s Grandma!  It’s her 80th birthday in a couple of weeks, and we will be attending a big family gathering, so it’s the perfect excuse for quilt gifting!


I stuck with some simple loopti-loop quilting, using the most beautiful 28wt Aurifil, in a variegated mix of colours – #4651

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.49.14 PM

As you can see, these colours worked beautifully!


I honestly could not be happier with this finish!  And can cross another WIP off my unfinished list!

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  1. Kate says:

    Such a gorgeous blend of colours! Love it 🙂

  2. I love the blend of colors in this one too.

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