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What do you do when you have time off work and a WIP list a mile long??  You start something new yes?  Several something’s new??  Mmhmmmm……  To make this story sound better, I will say that the following THREE new projects stemmed from leftovers of projects gone…..


Firstly, I found the leftovers from blocks of a quilt that is yet to be finished.  In fact, it was supposed to be a Christmas present last year.  I’m hoping to get that done for this year!  But oh what leftovers they were!  Carolyn Friedlander if you don’t mind.  I whipped this cot sized quilt up literally in a couple of hours, then finished quilting and binding it today.  Super quick and easy, and super effective!


The background fabric is a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton, and is truly magnificent.  I quilted it using a beautiful slate blue/grey Aurifil in 40wt.  Organic straight lines were the pattern of the day!


And the bolt of Ikea numbers is still paying its dues in spades!  Perfect backing as always.  This quilt is now for sale in the store HERE.

Second project is a big Swoon block I made sometime last year…..


It’s now a very gorgeous and very big european sized cushion!


Sarah Jane prints blend beautifully with the variegated pink, yellow and cream Aurifil thread.  You will find this for sale HERE.

And lastly, the leftovers from my Amy Butler Blue quilt top….. which just needs to be quilted…..


It’s a gorgeous 18″ cushion and is for sale HERE.

2 Responses to Leftovers – Sewing For Sale

  1. Kate says:

    Busy little bee you are! They are gorgeous 🙂

  2. Mum's Quilting Patch says:

    I particularly like the cot quilt – especially the Ikea backing fabric! That’s really fun.

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