Prince – The Purple Reign Finale

He’s finished!


And has had to make do with photographs hanging on the back fence of my neighbours house.  Hereby framed by an electrical post and paperbark tree – and of course, a hills hoist clothesline behind the fence!  But he’s beautiful….


I always find it hard to choose a favourite quilt, but this one is a major contender from here on in.  I was lucky enough to acquaint myself with the gorgeous Carolyn from Free Bird Quilting Designs, and with a very basic direction from me, she has worked her magic!


Using a beautiful mid silver/grey Aurifil thread, in a 40 weight, Carolyn took my raindrop idea and ran with it.  I love the simplicity of it, and that it doesn’t take away from the main man.


When it came to choosing a binding, I threw up a few ideas, but in the end decided to match the binding to the fabrics that met the edges of the quilt.  This was rather tedious, and in this section alone, there were six fabric changes along the edge!  But as I was hand stitching (YES!!! I hand stitched the  binding!) the binding on, it was all SO totally worth the trouble, as it has given the quilt the most perfect finishing touch….


Le back.


I am so very utterly in love with this quilt.  And I’m looking forward to the day I can snuggle up in it, or find a wall big enough to hang it on!

Thank you to each and every one of you who has left me a comment about this quilt either here on the blog, on my Facebook page or on Instagram.  I love that you all love him too!

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  1. Julie says:

    Wow – this is fabulous. I love how you matched the binding and the quilting is beautiful. Well done.

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