Sew Cute Tuesday – Rainy Days

Sometimes, you see a creation somewhere on social media, and you know you just have to have it!  This happened last week when I was cruising through my Facebook quilting group and I came across a little mini quilt made by one of the members.  I loved it immediately.  Then went to bed.  The next day, another member had whipped one up and I went straight to Craftsy and bought the pattern….


And the following day, made it!  Isn’t she gorgeous?  The pattern is Spring Fling Mini 2015 by Jmzblond, you can find it HERE.  And it’s free!  I had a recipient in mind for this little beauty, so pulled out a bunch of fabric – Liberty for her boots and frock, Alison Glass for her brolly and Irome for the background and her tights.  Once put together (and let me tell you, she was quick to finish!) I added couple of extra strips to the side and top to give it a little extra size.  Stupid.  Would you believe I only just realised, when editing these photos, that her umbrella is now cut off opposed to how the pattern is made with the side and top of the umbrella melting in to the binding??  Derrrrrr……. It made the finished size around 15″ x 12″.  Pretty darn small!


I love the Liberty!  The floral print is my favourite in my stash and I very bravely used it for the binding too.  And in breaking news – I even hand sewed the binding down!  What?!?!?  Who am I?

rain3I had a great time with the quilting!  Even though the weather was hideous on the day I made this, and for photographing it, the shadows brings out the texture beautifully.  Lots of sandy coloured pebbles and a rainbow of Aurifil colours for the umbrella.  I decided to add a little saying to the mini because this truly was like a little bit of sunshine, on what was a truly blahhhhhh day weather wise!


And the backing?  It’s an Anna Maria Horner print that I think works really well here. I even managed to match up the little hanging sleeve!  Winning!  Rainy Days has already been wrapped up and sent on its merry way…… to some lucky lady who will hopefully love her as much as I do!

Now – pray for a little sunshine here as our school holidays head towards an end!

Sew Cute Tuesday

13 Responses to Sew Cute Tuesday – Rainy Days

  1. Kate says:

    ooh pretty!! Thanks for the link to the pattern, definitely going to have to make one of these babies for my wall! <3

  2. Amanda says:

    The use of liberty in this darling pattern is PERFECT! I may have to get that pattern to make for my daughter’s room.

  3. Julie says:

    Well that pattern has just been added to my Craftsy wish list. Love the Liberty dress and your quilting.

  4. DeborahGun says:

    I adore this – the pattern, the saying and the fabric choices – what a perfect little mini quilt 🙂

  5. Susie says:

    This is so beautiful! I love it! Love the bright colors and the happy feeling it gives me!

  6. Love this Melissa – it’s perfection!

  7. Ruth says:

    That is very cute – i can see why you wanted to make it and so quickly too!

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