Star Crossed – Waterfront Park

If you’ve been around these parts a while, you may remember I fell madly in love with Violetcraft’s Waterfront Park last year?  I ordered my bundle, received it, and swiftly turned it in to a quilt top…….. I even got halfway through making the quilt back.  But for some reason (known to me – the quilt top was a tad wonky) it languished in my WIP pile for far too long.
Fast forward to this week.
Star Crossed Waterfront Park
And she is complete!  I am still utterly in love with it, and am quite torn about giving it away.  When I showed my Mum today, and told her I was a little sad to see it go, she told me to keep it.  But I’ve got to come to terms that I just cannot keep every. single. quilt. I. make.
Star Crossed Waterfront Park
I had this baby basted quite quickly, and then sat in front of it wondering how on earth I was going to quilt it?  I had a migraine last week (the first in about a year) and the headache hangover still had not shifted, so needed to quilt quite minimally.  And because of its slight wonkiness, I needed something that would not make the wonkiness scream!  I ended up going with some pretty organic straight line quilting……  Organic because I did not measure the spaces because the lines.  I just winged it.  I used my very trusty Aurifil #2024 in 40wt for the quilting, and it didn’t let me down.  When you get close up, the shimmer is divine.
Star Crossed Waterfront Park
And love the end result.  I even love the wonky backing!  It is actually quite squared up…..but the writing on a slant doesn’t help!
Star Crossed Waterfront Park
I envisioned a beautiful photo shoot down at the beach for this quilt.  Clearly, that vision did not come to fruition – so I had to settle for the front yard and help from my three youngest children.  My gorgeous Chelsea wrapped herself up at the end and I couldn’t help but keep snapping…..
Star Crossed Waterfront Park
If you wish to make your own version of this quilt, I used a free tutorial for the star crossed blocks by Don’t Call Me Betsy.  They’re a fun block to make, with endless possibilities for fabric selection.   I then just whipped up some simple cross blocks for the cornerstones, to match the width of my sashing.And just for a laugh, I thought I’d show you this……

Working with Children....
Whilst photographing yesterday, my youngest (who is currently nicknamed “devil-child”) was being a fool.  It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos today that I spotted something flying through the air in the very first shot!  Pretty good (or bad) timing really!
So – this throw sized pretty will be off to its new owner and I will be crying in the corner.  Nah, i’ll be happy to make someone else happy!
Size: 43″ x 61.5″
Fabric: Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
Backing: Ikea Numbers
Thread: Aurifil #2024 40wt
Another WIP bites the dust!

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