Sunday Stash – Fabric Therapy – Literally

I know we quilters have all used the term “fabric therapy” before.  I’ve thrown it around in the past, describing how fabric can lift my spirits and just looking through my stash can brighten my day.  Today’s stash post is literally about the therapeutic value my latest trip to a store had…

You see, last week was kind of full on.  Actually, it was an exhausting few days in the middle, which I have coined “operation starting from scratch”.  My dear Dad lives up on the Gold Coast (in Queensland for those of you not in Oz), by himself in a lovely caravan park away from the suburbs.  He is the ripe old age of 73, and for the most part, is doing really well for a man of his vintage.  However, last Monday, after a week spent in hospital, I spoke to him again and knew I had to get up there.  So I booked a one way flight for the following day, packed a suitcase full of clothes (cos I had no idea how long I’d be gone!)and left early Tuesday morning.

It was such a relief to see Dad at the hospital, and to get an idea of how he really was.  There’s only so much you can grasp through phone conversations, and although my beautiful friend who lives up there had been in a couple of times to take him goods and suss out the situation for me, I think I needed to see him with my own two eyes and speak to the nursing staff myself.  Once I had a better idea of what was going on, I headed up to his place to give it a clean and see what else he needed.

To be completely honest – I have no words for what I found.  Let’s just say it was clear to me that he wasn’t quite coping as well as he used to, and after a few tears and a meltdown phone call to my husband, I was compelled to just start from scratch.  The following day, I made a trip to Kmart and bought a whole lot of new stuff, then headed up to his place and spent the next 4.5 hours cleaning, sorting and throwing out.  I sweated my butt off, intent to just get the job done.  And on my way back to the hospital, Dad called to say he was being discharged.  Hoorah!

So, we got him out of hospital, stopped at the shops for healthy goods to stock up his fridge, and headed home.  He was a little thrown by all the new goodies, but was certainly grateful for all I’d done.  Which made me a very happy girl.  Anyway, I’m pleased to say he’s back on the road to good health, and hopefully I won’t have to be doing mercy dashes again any time soon!

Right…… With all that said – the reason I’m telling you all this, is that at the end of these few days, I was absolutely stuffed.  Both physically and mentally.  But I knew there was a beacon at the end of it all – a fabric store……  Not just any fabric store, but Fifi’s Fabricology!  I contacted the lovely Yvette, who happens to work there, and told her I was going to pop in on my way to the airport.  I’d never met Yvette in real life before, but she graciously met me there and gave me the grand tour!  Let me tell you……. if you are EVER on the Gold Coast, GO.  Just GO.  They have just relocated to West Burleigh, and I’ve been told the new store is even better than the old!


An hour and a bit later, I left with the following goodies….


Upstairs was my first port of call.  Molli had told me of the amazing Sale section (30-40% off!) at Fifi’s, so I was keen to check it out for myself…… And OH. MY. GOSH.  I may have heard angels……  I began at the out of print Kate Spain rack.  Got myself the only brown print I would willingly purchase, from her Fandango range; those divine fans from Good Fortune and the sparkly gem like print from Cuzco.


Every rack I looked at, every box of bolts I shuffled through, they all had fabric ranges I had heard of (like urban legends really) but had never actually seen in real life.  Here we have a fabulous black print from Summersville Spring; grey leaves from Half Moon by Moda and the fabulous Pezzy Print.


Amazing grey scales from Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket; one of my all time favourite prints I had a metre of and have used seemingly endlessly for the past couple of years – the aqua print from Valori Wells’ Cocoon range and a navy print from Simply Color by V & Co.


I LOVE this house print by Dear Stella, and bought it primarily to use in my languishing My Small World quilt.  I have half a metre, so if anyone wants to buy a fat quarter from me – let me know, I have a couple to spare!  Oh, and that divine Art Gallery Minimalista print – I die!


Last but not least, I found Alexander Henry’s Ghastlies!  I’d wanted to find more of this print ever since making my eldest daughter’s favourite dress a couple of years ago.  Remember this?

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 9.12.20 pm

Sadly, Chelsea has long grown out of this frock, and I have no idea what I’ll make with this new yardage, but I’ll work it out!

At the end of my shopping trip, I had a big old smile on my face, and knew that wandering around all that fabric had been the best therapy possible at that time!  I got it all out of its packaging today, and pawed it a bit before taking these photos.  They will all be filed away nicely amongst my stash, and I’m sure you will spot them in projects in hopefully the not too distant future.


Thanks again for your fabric store hospitality Yvette (and Fiona & staff)!  It was so very lovely of you to come and meet up with me and show me around the most perfect workplace a quilter could hope for! xx

12 Responses to Sunday Stash – Fabric Therapy – Literally

  1. The best intentioned, “I told you so!” Is uttered from my lips! Haha, and I haven’t even been to the new location! Good to hear your dad is doing better, and maybe he needs a quilted item to really make his caravan shine!

    • Ms Midge says:

      Would you believe I took him one of our quilts from the lounge here? It’s certainly brightened things up a bit! 😉 And yes – you did tell me so! x

  2. LaurelleC says:

    You are a wonderful daughter. Glad to hear your Dad is ok.
    Isn’t FiFis amazing. I love the new location nice and convenient to drop in on the way to the airport after the annual QLD holiday . It was Hubby’s idea to drop in this time. He know’s Happy wife!

  3. Jeanette Fitzpatrick says:

    So glad your Dad is recovering. You are so right about Fifis, isn’t it great? Regarding quilting fabric, Anything you want, you can get there. It’s like being in a candy shop. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! Chees from Jan Fitzpatrick

  4. Nancy says:

    Ms Midge:
    I totally understand why you found the therapy of buying fabric such a help after a stressful, anxiety-provoking visit to your dad. I blame my mom’s illness for my stash – or rather the understanding that pawing fabric and purchasing beautiful colours can be so helpful to one’s morale. Really to be truthful, any time I am down and find myself in a quilt store, there is a sense that the world is not completely falling apart. In fact I think the happiness hormone (serotonin) is found in higher quantities in quilt stores. Take care – I have been through the parental challenges. It’s tough and you need to look after yourself too.

  5. AlisonB says:

    You have discovered Nirvana. Fifis is the most amazing shop. I spent hours in there when we were last in QLD. Fiona is lovely and Yvette is a beautiful person with such a fab knowledge of fabrics, designers and patterns. I have learnt so much from Yvette. Can’t wait to go back in February and see the new shop.

  6. Emma says:

    Glad to hear your dad is doing better. Those fabric finds are amazing – almost tempted to book flights just to check out the store myself!

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