Sunday Stash – Merry Christmas to Me!

After many months of self-control, I recently made a couple of purchases I really didn’t “need”, but certainly WANTED!  The first of which arrived this past week…..


Let me introduce you to Lizzy House’s “The Lovely Hunt”.  I’d admired the colour palette of this range for quite some time, so when I saw it on Massdrop, I sort of, kind of, jumped on it!


I mean, look at those colours!  I have absolutely no idea what will be done with them, but I’m thinking I may finally make a big bed quilt for my God daughter?  Time will tell….


And the other lovely purchase I made was these three cuts of Cotton + Steel.  They are the “Lucky Strike” range, and when I saw them on the shelf at Luccello’s, I just had to have them!  They are, of course, a contribution to my ever growing C+S stash, for use in my ever growing collection of Farmer’s Wife blocks!  In fact, I used them yesterday in a block!  I’m looking forward to seeing the latest C+S range soon, and am super happy this Sew-Along is running over 12 months – because I’ll be able to continue adding to my collection!

I’d like to think this is my final Sunday Stash post for 2015….but I have a sneaking suspicion another parcel is due any day now…..  I’ll keep you posted!

8 Responses to Sunday Stash – Merry Christmas to Me!

  1. Leanne says:

    Love your choices !! My mass drop indulgence came on Friday – Abacus by Alison Glass !! Shh ! Santa doesn’t know yet 😉

  2. Great Christmas present to yourself! I got to see Lizzy and The Lovely Hunt when she was teaching at the Charleston MQG back in August. Nice C+S too!

  3. mary says:

    ‘Want’ fabric parcels are the best! You are so lucky, Massdrop is great but shipping and customs are too much to the UK, do you not get charged customs in Australia?

  4. Oooh… I can totally see why you gave in to that bundle. I love Lizzy House prints! I’ve resisted… but likely only because I haven’t seen it in person!

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