Sunday Stash- Threadology

The #aussieaurifilclub has just shipped its fifth month!  Which means my thread stash has slightly self-combusted!  This is not a bad thing.  I repeat – NOT a bad thing!  What IS a bad thing, is my running out of room…..


I bought this fabulous thread rack a couple of months ago, and as you can see, it’s full!


So, I got myself another!  I just need to get out and spray paint it white, then hang it directly above the other.  Perfect!  If someone had of told me a few years ago that I would require this much thread storage, I quite possibly would have laughed myself silly.  But I’m finding having all of these colour options on hand is incredibly satisfying.  And I’m very glad that with each month’s thread bundle, I am getting myself a batch too!

Remember – subscriptions are ALWAYS open for the club!  And if you sign up before the end of the month, you receive your first shipment around the middle of the following month.  Easy.  You can sign up HERE.  It’s not just open to Australians, but New Zealand and some Asian countries too 🙂

In other thread news, these pretties came home with me last week…..


And were then shipped off to a new home!  Aurifil’s Brillo metallic threads come in 32 different colours, all of which I can happily order in for you!  They have traditionally been wound on the cutesy wooden spools, however, are now transitioning to plastic.  Same, same – but different!  You can use them in a variety of ways – including knitting?!?!  Who knew?

If you can guess who I have shipped these pretties off to, you will go in the running to receive a bundle for yourself!  Just comment on this post with your guess and I will draw a winner Tuesday!

My lovely friend Alyce is hosting Sunday Stash today, so head over and see her!

Molli Sparkles


10 Responses to Sunday Stash- Threadology

  1. Mandy Wain says:

    The lovely Alyce

  2. Glenys O'Shea says:

    Hard to decide between your lovely friend Alyce and your equally lovely friend Angie. Alyce may have more time for sewing as Angie is at the coalface of Farmer’s.
    My guess is Alyce😀

  3. Jenny says:

    oooo – I think you’ve shipped them off to Molli Sparkles as they are so sparkley!!!! 🙂

  4. Julia David says:

    Sounds like a lovely club. Love your eye candy photo of Aurifil thread! I always have a lot of thread on hand. I love being able to “audition” threads for a project before quilting it. So having lots of threads on hand, helps tremendously for that 🙂 My husband built me a thread rack but I’m still waiting for him to finish it before I’m allowed to use it!

  5. Well they are sparkly so I’m guessing Molli?! I would love to use these in some embroidery, it’s hard to find nice quality metallic thread!

  6. DeborahGun says:

    I would guess they are going to Molli Sparkles!

  7. Sue says:

    It couldn’t be anyone else but Mollie Sparkles surely?!

  8. Jayne says:

    I have found having a full (okay 2) thread holder is satisfying! Now if only I had some more Aurifil colors to add to it… I wish I could snatch up those metallics…just gorgeous!

  9. Amanda J. says:

    Molli Sparkles !?? Pretty threads 🙂

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