TGIFF – A Finish is A Finish!

Ever have those weeks when you just feel like you’re never going to sit down and do something you actually WANT to do?  Yup.  I’ve just finished one of those!  All I wanted to do was sew today, but apparently children needing to get to school, groceries needing to be done, vacuuming, washing and website fixing – they all had to be done first!  But once they were sorted, I got to it…..

tgiff5I bound Cadyn’s Improv quilt, but could only manage this cruddy photo due to A. hideous weather and B. He came home from school!  I’m so thrilled it’s finished – and one whole month before it’s due date!  Yay me!  I love this little section of the binding, but it was just a tad bit bulky 🙂

And after lunch, I got to finishing Part 2 of my Small World quilt.  I had the top part of it done a week or so ago, but just hadn’t got back to it.


I’m finding my groove a little more as it goes along.  I’m not a super scrappy kind of quilter, but am embracing this with gusto!  I have literally been diving in to my scraps bags and pulling out a whole bunch of favourite fabrics that I haven’t seen for a while.  So I guess this quilt will be almost like an homage to all time faves!


I’ve also put some special goodies in there – Liberty!  Hello Kitty in London of course.


And these churn dashes are just too damn cute!  They are really tiny and a little fiddly – but so worth it.  I also took the opportunity to put “quilt” in the quilt!  As you can see – I have opted out of the hand sewing elements in this quilt, where possible.  So the blanket stitch on my machine will be getting a work out.  I’m also not being too pedantic about the points, because I seriously am testing my patience with the tiny pieces already!

And just because I’m sharing finished projects, I did manage to do a little sewing on Monday….


This awesome cushion was made using the Moda Modern Building Blocks – number 8.  And I pulled out my treasured stash of Indelible for the job.  It was donated to my school’s fundraiser tomorrow night – Bogan Bingo!  And was shipped off before I took good photos of it.  I ADORE the colours in this range, and do so wish I had more than the fat eighths I purchased.  May just have to keep a lookout for more….

So, they’re my achievements for this week.  What’s yours?

4 Responses to TGIFF – A Finish is A Finish!

  1. Stacey says:

    Love the Indelible pillow – gorgeous! That line is great, love how you fussy cut the deer.

  2. Lisa says:

    Looks like you’ve got a lot accomplished. The pillow is awesome. Can you remind me of the Issue of the Mag. Small World is in. I ‘ve found two quilt stores that I might be able to get it i sort of locally.

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