The Bee Hive – Shine Bright

Like a diamond!  You know, Rhianna and all that?  #earworm

Welcome to my turn on the great Bee Hive Quilt Block Tutorial Series by Blossom Heart Quilts!  I was thrilled when Alyce asked me wayyyyyyyy back at the beginning of the year if I’d be interested in joining in.  I actually got to work straight away with my design, basically by playing around with different shapes.  In the end, I had a quilt block I really loved, which has an “aztec” feel about it.  I’ve called it “Shine Bright”…..


Isn’t she lovely?  There are so many ways to play around with the fabric placement in this block.  You could choose, as I have, to have the centre diamond block shine and stand out, along with the triangles – which enhances the centre shine!  You could change it up and have all the highlighted pieces the same fabric, giving it a monochromatic look.  Or, you could do a super scrappy version!  The choices are pretty much endless!

The thing I love most about this block, and which was the premise behind Alyce starting the Bee Hive, is the secondary pattern you get once you join multiple blocks together…..


I worked my proverbial off last week to get these fabulous nine blocks pieced and joined together, to give you an idea of the overall effect.  I absolutely love it!  I mean, look at those pin wheels!  You may notice the bottom middle block is pieced a little differently?  Alyce thankfully drew the pattern up for me and the first option was to piece the block in three sections.  But it was a little bulky to work with, so we’ve switched it to seven sections.  Which are super easy to get through!


For my little version, I knew straight away that my stash of Anna Maria Horner’s Loominous would work perfectly.  I matched it up beautifully with two different shades of shot cotton from Spotlight – and I adore the end result!


Now – just to remove all this paper……

Check out Alyce’s blog post over HERE.  You can grab this paper pieced pattern HERE.

14 Responses to The Bee Hive – Shine Bright

  1. Hayley says:

    Your quilt looks sensational in the Loominous. I am off to buy myself some yardage of a few of the prints for frock making

  2. Leanne says:

    love the design <3

  3. Allison CB says:

    Beautiful! Love the secondary pattern!

  4. Michele says:

    That is so wonderful and I love the overall effect.

  5. Nicole says:

    So stoked! I think I’ll pick this block for my Queen month next year!!

  6. Audrey says:

    I love the design of this block, however, the site will not allow me to access the pattern. I live in Canada. Is the pattern a physical copy or is it a download? I am sure hoping it is a download.

    • Ms Midge says:

      Hi Audrey! Apologies, for some unknown reason it isn’t letting overseas locations gain access due to shipping – which I’ve never come across before with my downloadable patterns! I will try to rectify this, however, in the meantime, I have changed the post so you can download the pattern directly from the link in the blog post. xxx

  7. VickiT says:

    Beautiful block. Thank you so much for correcting the download problem.

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