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Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, I’m guessing you have seen Quilt Jane’s new pattern doing the rounds? I know it grabbed my attention immediately!  So when Angie from Gnome Angel asked if I’d like to join in a blog hop for the Bob Bag pattern, I was on board!


I was so on board, I didn’t even read the pattern before agreeing!  And once I started the project, I also didn’t read ahead on the pattern, so had no idea what I was in for…….. But once I did, I quickly realised this was the perfect pattern for a hand sewer!  Whoops!


Onwards and upwards!  I headed to trusty old Google, and found THIS TUTORIAL for ladder stitching.bobbag


And surprised myself by mastering it!  It quite seriously amazes me how you can stitch for a couple of inches, and then pull gently on the thread and the whole thing closes up!  Magic!

Now, Jane’s pattern allows for a few different ways of making your Bob Bag.  You can add bolts to put little bobbins on for your hand sewing threads, but I chose to make mine without, and have it more as a storage case.  This was also being made for a gift, and I wasn’t too sure how much hand sewing she did!


I used Twill tape for the zippered part.  It was quite a short turn around to have this project made, so I only had Lincraft at my disposal.  And this twill tape was not the best.  In fact, it actually stretched during the process, and I ended up having to take it in further on the seam.  But it ended up ok.  Next time (yes, I’m going to do more hand stitching!?!?!) I’m going to use Peta’s tutorial HERE to use fabric instead of the twill.  I’m thinking it might have a neater finish than what I ended up with at the end of the zip up there!

I added my label to the little handle, which I think is pretty damn cute!  And I also managed to fit a little machine sewing in on this project – I machine sewed the twill band on to the quilted section, before hand sewing around the edges.

All in all, this was a super little project to make.  It took me around three hours to make, but given I am not very experienced in hand sewing, I think that’s still pretty quick!

My Bob-Bag has reached its new owner, and she is very happy!  Make sure you head over to all the bloggers on the hop, and see how they have put together their Bob Bags!

Monday 23 March – Angie @ GnomeAngel

Wednesday 25 March – Jane @ Quilt Jane

Friday 27 March – Peta @ She Quilts Alot

Monday 30 March – Anita @ Daydreams of Quilts

Tuesday 31 March – Peta @ Peta Quilts

Wednesday 1 April – Jess @ Elven Garden

Friday 3 April – Melissa @ Ms Midge

Monday 6 April – Cat @ Cat + Vee

Wednesday 8 April – Gemma @ Pretty Bobbins

Friday 10 April – Angie @ GnomeAngel (Link Up & Prizes)

5 Responses to The Bob-a-Long

  1. Deborah Burville says:

    Hi Midge!
    Hmm? stretchy twill tape? I don’t want to tell you stuff you may already know, but, if you have an inkling that this may be an issue, try putting the offending piece on the bottom when you stitch. The feed dogs will often take up the excess. You could also try increasing the presser foot pressure before you stitch, with the offending piece still on the bottom. Mwah.

    • Ms Midge says:

      Hey Deb! Yeh, I do know that trick. It was actually the weave in the twill, it was stretchy and had give in it before I even sewed it! I should have known better than to use Lincraft Twill! x

  2. I’m loving this version (so much so that I thought about stealing it for my own!).

    I never knew that increasing the pressure of the foot could help with excess weave… good to know!

    Thanks for being a part of the bob-a-long!

  3. Love the little label on your Bob Bag Melissa. So glad you made it through the hand stitching and survived too -:)

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