The Great Gatsby Cushion!

Let it be known – I read “The Great Gatsby” back in 1992 for English Literature – and LOVED it!  I also loved the original movie, and was THRILLED when Baz Lurhmann remade the film, in a magnificent way.  So when we were invited to a friend’s 40th (which I am attending as you are reading this) and the theme was “Gatsby”, I was just a tad bit excited.  I mean, costume parties can be a lot of effort, but once you’re there, they are so much fun!

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Anyway – I immediately knew what I wanted to make her as a gift – an Art Deco inspired cushion.  I googled myself silly before remembering I had a Quick Curve Ruler, and some fabulous patterns that SURELY would have something reminiscent of the period?  Ahuh – correct I was!  I whipped out the Metro Scope pattern by Sew Kind Of Wonderful and got straight to work!  And this is what happened……


These patterns the SKOW girls have designed are truly beautiful.  And the QCR makes it all so easy.  After deciding on a very simple black and white theme, I got out my #2000 gold Aurifil thread and planned my next move.  I had been staring at the art work for the movie for a long time, when I whipped out my Frixion pen and started drawing out some sort of pattern to follow, making my own emblem.


I switched up the letters in the centre – SG – for her initials, and then tried to come with lines and shapes that were Gatsby-like.  And I am REALLY pleased with the end result.  It doesn’t even matter that it’s the first time a Frixion pen has not completely erased from my fabric (if anyone knows why this is the case, please share!) because I just love it!


The backing is a fabric I had leftovers of for a long time.  Perfection!

So, another cushion to add to the millions I’ve made!  They truly are the bestest gift ever!

17 Responses to The Great Gatsby Cushion!

  1. Dawn says:

    Awesome cushion. Nailed it!!

  2. Kate says:

    Love it, it’s gorgeous!!
    I’ve had frixion pens not come out of dark fabrics/prints before – very annoying! I use a white pencil on darks now 🙁 Can’t help you with why tho …

    • Ms Midge says:

      I’ve had a couple people say the same thing! Hmmm, I may have to switch to pencil then! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Ms Midge says:

    Don’t open the Frixon can of worms… from now on I just wouldn’t use them on the fronts. (I’m kind of stunned you’ve missed the whole “frixon pens are evil” internet debate.) Get a silver gel pen, it doesn’t iron off but it flakes off it that makes sense?

    The cushion is lovely! I hope you had a fabulous night.

  4. Laura says:

    Love it! 🙂 Of course I do, it’s a QCR pattern! You’ve done a great job Ms Midge!

  5. that’s some perfect stitching there! Love it!

  6. That central quilting, absolutely incredible!

  7. Susie says:


  8. Benta says:

    I think the frixon pens sometimes scratch the fabric, I’ve noticed it more on black and batiks

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