The Little Phone That Swam. And The Crazy Woman Who Sunk…..

Last Wednesday afternoon, I went and picked up Lochie from school – something that is out of my routine, because he usually catches the bus – got him home and ran inside to quickly use the loo before I had to head out again to get Chelsea and Cadyn.  So in I run, pull down my dacks in a hurry, and then I hear it – Splash.  I recognise the sound immediately and turn around to find my beloved iPhone5 at the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Thankfully it was pre-wee, so I plunged my hand in and rescued thy phone and went about rapidly drying it in a towel and pulling the case off it!  All this whilst my pants were still around my knees – too much information I know!

Less than five minutes later, this is what my phone looked like….

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And this is what I looked like…..


What followed this little “incident” can only be described as panic, fretting, fear, loss, grief…..well, you get it?  Within the hour, I had jumped up and down, emailed and rung my husband (he was in a meeting godammit) and then absconded to the shopping centre with Lochie’s old Nokia phone to get myself a new sim card.

Within a couple of hours, I realised I had no idea how to use a Nokia anymore, and retrieved my ollllldddddd iPhone3 from a friend who had been borrowing it.  I then exhaled.
Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, after 24 hours of using my uber slow old iPhone, I realised just how much I depend on my mobile phone.  I realised that I do not know my husband’s phone number, nor the majority of my friends and family.  I realised my life is entered in to my iCalendar.  I realised I needed to get a life outside of my phone…..
So, where to from here?  Well, I’m very happy to report that after three days buried in rice, thinking my phone was long gone and never to be used again, my darling husband suggested the battery may be flat?  So I plugged it in…..
Flash! Ahhh-ahhhhhhh…….
The old gal (ok, so it’s less than a year old) has life in her yet!  She still has a little condensation under the screen, but my friends around the world Google tells me this should dissipate eventually.
What have I learnt from this exercise?
I have learnt that I don’t need to check my phone every ten minutes – because when you’re using an old phone that is as slow as a freakin elephant, you can’t be bothered checking it.  And I have learnt that I should not wander from my normal routines, because when I do, I forget shit and phones fall in toilets!  Yes – I’m blaming my 14 year old son for this whole thing!*
In all seriousness, I am almost embarrassed at how much I depend on this little device.  The fact that it basically lives on one side of my arse most days is a little worrying.  And on that note – where do I store my phone in Summer when I’m donning frocks?  Yes, it’s been a long Winter…..
The moral of my story?
Don’t keep your phone in your back pocket.  And memorise important phone numbers.  Note to self: take note of these…..

Tell me – where do you keep your mobile phone?  Ever had a “toilet incident”?  Did your phone live to tell the tale?  Spill…..
* Ok, maybe not the whole thing.  Just a little bit.

6 Responses to The Little Phone That Swam. And The Crazy Woman Who Sunk…..

  1. *Cornelia* says:

    Lol Im really sorry for you and your phone, Im so happy that this hadn’t happen yet to me and my phone. But it was really close sometimes, to get tossed in there. And yes its also in my back pocket, I take it out before I pull them down lol *okay really a lot information haha*

    but with one thing im really happy and proud of myself, i dont use any calendar on my phone, I still do everything the old way and write it in pocket calendars, or on my desk calendar


  2. Paula says:

    Glad to hear the phone is working again. The same thing has happened to so many peopel I know. I lost one to the water years ago. I passed it to a friend while boarding a boat for safekeeping but it jumped out of his pocket and into said lake never to be seen again. Since then I’ve always been extra careful of phones around water. I do rely on my phone for phone numbers etc but I have them synched all over the place and written down too just in case.

  3. OMG. I have done this exact same thing at least three times…which is why my iPhone no longer takes up residence in the back pocket. It’s usually fused to my hand, in the inner pocket of my pocketbook or (I can’t believe I am admitting this) stuck in my bra for a few minutes when I’m in a pinch. Or maybe that is TMI? Anyway, glad you were able to save your phone. And yep, we are all way to dependent on those things these days!

  4. Dasha says:

    I find that too funny Melissa! My phone is often not on for days on end. No one but my daughter or my DH uses it to call me, and most times when it is on, if it rings I don’t hear it! Now my laptop is another story……..

  5. Too funny – I almost spat my tea (from laughter) onto my laptop keyboard whilst reading this – now that could have been a disaster too! tehe – Never dropped my phone in the loo, but I have a bad habit of leaving it on silent, so when my hubby rings it (because I’ve lost it AGAIN) we have no chance of finding it – until I go to make a cup of tea and find that I’ve put my iphone away with the cheese … in the fridge. Yup I’m that person …

  6. I did the same thing with my iPhone3gs but unluckily for me, not even a week in rice in a warm place could resurrect it enough to use it as a phone – the screen was shot as was the speaker. I was lucky enough to be able to get it to work enough to synch it with my laptop and get all my contacts and photos off it. I ended up getting a new one pretty much straight away as we have no home phone.

    I’ve always been very careful to take my phone out of my back pocket BEFORE pulling my pants down and going to sit on the loo since then!

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