Winner Winner – Tokyo Dinner!

I know, I know – It’s supposed to be winner, winner, chicken dinner – but I couldn’t help myself!  You see, whilst this post is popping up on my FB page, your inbox or wherever else you read my posts – I’m in the air on my way to Tokyo!  I am currently sitting here on the computer at home, having just finished my lunch after a last minute dash to my son’s high school to – ahemmm – sort out some “stuff”.  Kids.  Anyway – I digress!  My suitcase is sort of packed, the house is sort of clean, I have written a plethora of phone numbers and instructions on the fridge for the kids and the husband.  I’ve weighed my suitcase, then edited it heavily.  It’s still rather hefty though.  I’m blaming all the stuff I’m taking over for my Tokyo BFF and her kids AND a couple of realllly heavy magazines for Alyce!
I’ve booked my excess baggage for my return, and went and exchanged the cash my Mum gave me yesterday to purchase her fabric.  I’ve transferred money to my credit card to pay for the fabric I will be purchasing for myself.  I think I’ve got the fabric funds sorted….
Japan must be very excited about my impending arrival, because they’ve scheduled a SUPER TYPHOON in my honour!  Woohooo!  Ummmmm…….
I think I’m prepared.  I hope I’m prepared.  Nine days away from my family, in a foreign country.  I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous.
Soooooo – I’ll see you on the flip side!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram – because something else I’ve pre-arranged is portable wi-fi!  I’m gonna instagram the s*it out of Tokyo!  And you know I’m going to have some of the most epic Sunday Stash posts in history when I return……
Back to the winners……  Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my little giveaway for a copy of my Charm Dash Pattern! tells me the winners are:
Check your inbox ladies!  There’s a little old pattern awaiting your attention!
And to everyone who has already purchased my pattern – THANK YOU!  I seriously want to email you all individually to say how much I love you and your faith in my ability!  I look forward to seeing a whole bunch of Charm Dash quilts popping up!
Have a fabulous week everyone! xxx

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